Here are a few links to some samples of my work:

A 3,500-word blog post I recently wrote as a subcontractor for a Virtual Assistant’s client:

This is a Post from a website I started, to promote Pet Rescues and Adoptions. It is longer than most of mine, but the topic required that much more detail. Click to view.

This is a more “typical” length of posts from the same shihtzumania site. Click to view.

Here’s detail from the “About” page, in that same ( ) site. Click to view.

And another post from the same ( ) site about a therapy dog named “Henry.” Click to view.

This is a brief article I wrote for the Coast Guard Auxiliary magazine, a few years ago. Click to view.

Here’s a link to my latest Blog, designed to show people HOW to write their memoirs, and WHY they should:

Here’s a guest post I wrote for a friend’s blog, in December, 2021: