A Partial List of Services featured at JMcontent includes:

Content Writing

E-mails/Websites/Blog Posts/Case Studies/White Papers/Employee Manuals and documentation


Any content we produce for you reflects the byline of your choice. That includes all items mentioned above, as well as sales copy, lesson materials/ handouts and non-fiction books.


Once you have produced a  document, we check it for continuity and consistency, grammar, and syntax, as well as for clarity, logic, and flow.

As much as possible, we also check for accuracy, but cannot be responsible  but not for charts, graphs, medical, scientific, or mathematical images/copy, or the likes of  formulas, calculations, permutations, tables, etc.


The Proofreader then checks your content for errors of usage, punctuation, capitalization and spelling. Your document/manuscript is ready for publication once the proofreader has finished.

BETA Reading Service

We offer two levels of BETA Reading services for an edited manuscript before the Author sends it to a publisher (or even a partial manuscript). In “RATES” (Below) we describe these as “Full” or “Lite.”

A Lite BETA report is usually 1 – 3 pages covering the whole document. The Full BETA report includes the same 1 – 3-page overview report, and chapter-by-chapter comments and observations as well.

No BETA reading services include elements of editing or proofreading on any part of a manuscript.

Other Services?

If you need services not included on this list (Book publishing, Developmental editing, Fiction writing, etc.) we can usually sub-contract that to reliable sources, or offer you a referral, if you prefer to handle it yourself.



JMcontent RATES

(Last updated September 1, 2021)

Some services are available at hourly rates (e.g., Proofreading edited copy, $25/hr.) but you may request a free quote for project rates (large or small) or package rates (combining services, e.g., both Copyediting and Proofreading).

 We stipulate all rates and conditions by contract, and add no hidden charges added once we sign your contract.  

Rates are not negotiable, but special rates for express jobs or weekend/holiday work can be arranged. Work begins on your project as soon as we receive initial fees.

We will discuss Retainer rates, if you would like priority status for your projects but, we would prefer you use our “Cap Rates” plan (a.k.a. “Not-to-be-exceeded” plan) instead. This gives you the same priority status, without the risk of paying for time you won’t be using in any month.

 Sample rates for billable services include:

*PROOFREADING: $25/hr. for edited copy – approximately 4,000 – 6,000 words/hr.

(Proofreading unedited copy is quoted on request)

*COPYEDITING: $35/hr. for all but non-fiction manuscripts and lengthy documents/manuals (Free quotes for excepted copy)

  *CONTENT WRITING: $40/hr. for research and/or development of content. We include one free rewrite after submission of final copy.

*GHOSTWRITING: As mentioned at the top of the page, we consider anything we write for you to be your copy, so it is ghostwritten. We also produce larger projects, like White Papers, Books or long documents  (or portions, thereof). We quote these rates when we  have all your requirements in place.


BETA READING:  “FULL” Beta, $2/1,000 words; “LITE” Beta, $1/1,000 words.

While we offer both copyediting and proofreading services to our clients, those are not included in BETA reading services as quoted here.


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 * Minimum one hour per order. Portions of an hour are billable by the minute, thereafter.